A mission to document Kenya's antique railway stations.


Memory Wall

Welcome to the Save The Railway memory wall , a section dedicated to preserving individual memories and stories about the railway.

What does the railway mean to you, or someone you knew ?

What does it remind you of ?

What does it symbolize ?

  • @carolinekere
    Quite a collection of railway stations between Mombasa & Voi! These are Great! #TimeTraveler
  • By Narinder Gill
    My fathers name was Hari Singh gill,came to Nairobi, from Punjab India In 1910' 1912. Never went back to India,was a carpenter by trade
  • @edwardomete
    What a pity, when is the demolition date? A final ride on the lunatic would be an idea before they go down
  • Wairimu Ndirangu
    Our group of students got stuck after a part of the train went of the rails.
  • Judy Ogana
    As a teenager, we were so excited that we were heading to the coast by train. Carriages were lovely especially the dining experience. Train broke down and we were stuck for a cool 4 hours
  • @GhekoLishous
    LOOK what I stumbled upon people! Oh, this is awesome! #SaveTheRailway. I miss going to the coast via train.
  • Samora Michelle
    Once my aunt took my cousins and I to the railway station and we spent the whole day playing in and around the trains
    This Reminds me of my Father's time when he came to Kenya
  • Celia Nyamweru
    Remember the pre-1947 stations between Gilgil and Lanet . ie Eburu and Elementaita stations on the old alignment ! And a 1980s trip to Mombasa with Loreto Msongari swimming team by train.
  • Peter G
    Wonderful work. I took a 1970's trip from Mombasa to Nairobi making a video of 5918 Mt. Gelai's last freight run... magnificent.
  • By Vali Jamal
    Mariakani, Miritini, Jomvu - used to mark them in a notebook as we passed them.
  • Julia Kunguru
    I grew up in railway quarters and I remember railway workers eating lunches in our house. My mother used to serve them fish, before attending to us .
  • Andrea Dahn
    I remember the dinner carriage , white linen feeling like a queen , waking up to a nice smell. It was years ago with my husband to be, we were only 20 or so . Very special journey
  • Edward Kakumu
    Lunatic Express 1896 to 2016: End of the line for East Africa's Mother....It was a worthwhile ride...chuuu chuuuu!
  • Hughepsom
    One of my enduring childhood memories is traveling on the overnight train from Nairobi to Mombasa. A very worthwhile project. I wish you success!
  • By Teddy Kinyanjui
    This is a very important part of our Kenyan history - they should all be turned into nice historical B&B's for weekend history buffs in my opinion
  • Dorothy Nyong'o
    Unforgettable memories - I remember our annual Christmas holidays- the family traveled by train to Mombasa - First and second class - the bunk beds, the dinner in the dining car, waking up to an exquisite breakfast as the train pulled into Mombasa. Awesome !
  • Hillman Smith
    It used to be wonderful travelling to the coast on the train, dining off the starched linen cloths with the heavy silver ware cutlery, engraved with the old railway names .. opening out the bedding and sleep willed by the sound of the train on the railways as the air got warmer.
  • Wendy Ayres
    Great project! Very important to save Kenya's historical heritage !
  • By Vali - Jamal
    " How sad these railway stations may be demolished. Blessings for preserving some memories about them. What a wonderful thing it was to arrive at Mombasa earlyish morning from Kampala. "
  • Mugo Kibati
    I grew up in Mombasa and took the train to and from Nairobi many times. I remember looking out the window at midnight at Tsavo to elephant trumpets and arriving at Mariakani station at 6 a.m
  • By M.salim mughal
    My Dad worked for EA railways & harbours lived at nsambya railway quaters ,retired in kampala 1947 .. we would do the 3 day journey by train from kampala to mombasa to spend our school holidays on the beach at old town .
  • Rebecca Narracott
    2013 coming from Nairobi - Mombasa , stepping into a lost world at Nairobi station and immediately transfixed by the railway and its impact. .I was inspired to write my 2nd novel from the lunatic line!!
  • By Robert Kitti
    Great work and great memories!! My father worked with EARC up to 1976 in stations Nakuru, Mombasa, Changamwe and Makindu.. It is very sad if you see the state of the railway infrastructure now...
  • Ben Kobus
    I appreciate very much the photos of Nairobi - Mombasa line stations. Thank you. Do you have any of Voi? That station is very evocative for me. is also special because of trips to Voi much earlier.
  • Grace Njambi Wood
    I schooled at Thika Maryhill school and came from Nakuru. Our mode of transport was EAR&H from Nairobi to Nakuru.
  • Joy Mboya
    For many years, growing up in Madaraka estate, the railway passing by at 6pm was part of our evening ritual as children. We would go as close to the line as possible to wave at the travelers and to count how many ' bogies' the train was pulling
  • By Habib Janjua
    Father and two uncles worked for East African Railways 1912 to 1960s. Grew up in Railway Quarters and have fond memories of travel by rail both in Tanganyika and Kenya.

For millions of people all around the world, the railway meant something different. For some it meant joy , for some it symbolized hardship and for others it meant hope. Each individual story matters…

Like to add any memory of your own? share them in the comment section below and I’ll add them to the memory wall above.


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