A mission to document Kenya's antique railway stations.



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Railway Stations
Mombasa - Voi
Taveta Line
Voi - Mtito
Mtito - Nairobi
Nairobi - Kisumu
Kisumu - Butere
  • Mombasa Station: 15.10.2015
    Mombasa Railway Station
  • Changamwe Station: 15.10.2015
    Changamwe Railway Station
  • Miritini Station: 15.10.2015
    Miritini Railway Station
  • Mazeras Station: 15.10.2015
    Mazeras Railway Station
  • Taru Station: 15.10.2015
    Taru Station
  • Samburu Station: 15.10.2015
    Samburu Railway Station
  • Bachuma Station: 15.10.2015
    Bachuma Railway Station
  • Maungu Station: 15.10.2015
    Maungu Railway Station
  • Voi Station: 12.08.2013
    Voi Railway Station
  • Tsavo Station: 18.10.2015
    Tsavo Railway Station
  • Kyulu Station: 18.10.2015
    Kyulu Station
  • Kenani Station: 18.10.2015
    Kenani Station
  • Ndi Station: 18.10.2015
    Ndii Station
  • Mtito Station: 18.10.2015
    Mtito - Andei Station
  • Emali Station: 21.10.2015
    Emali Station
  • Sultan Hamud Station: 21.10.2015
    Sultan Hamud Station
  • Kalembwani Station: 21.10.15
    Kalembwani Station
  • Kima Station: 21.10.2015
    Kima Station
  • Kiu Station: 21.10.2015
    KIU Railway Station
  • Ulu Station: 21.10.2015
    Ulu Railway Station
  • Konza Station: 22.10.2015
    Konza Railway Station
  • Stony Athi Station: 22.10.2015
    Stony Athi Railway Station
  • Mwatate Station: 17.10.2015
    Mwatate Railway Station
  • Maktau Station: 17.10.2015
    Maktau Railway Station
  • Taveta Station: 17.10.2015
    Taveta Railway Station
  • Nairobi Railway Station: 23.10.2015
    Nairobi Railway Station
  • Longonot Station: 23.03.2016
    Longonot Railway Station
  • Gilgil Station: 23.03.16
    Gilgil Railway Station
  • Naivasha Station: 23.03.2016
    Naivasha Railway Station
  • Ipsum
    Munyu Railway Station
  • Kariandusi Station: 23.03.2016
    Kariandusi Railway Station
  • Njoro Station: 24.03.2016
    Njoro Railway Station
  • Elburgon Station: 24.03.2016
    Elburgon Railway Station
  • Molo Station: 24.03.2016
    Molo railway station
  • Mau Summit Station: 24.03.2016
    Mau Summit Railway station

There are nearly 50 railway stations between Mombasa and Nairobi . I  initially set out to visit all of them, but ended up visiting around 40. Partly because some of them had already been demolished, while others were located too far in the interior, to access by road. The only stations that were still functioning and where a station master was present were Mombasa, Changamwe, Konza and Nairobi. 

This photo series does not include photos of Kibwezi, Simba, Darajani and Makindu stations, which will be uploaded later. Along with photos of  the railway stations within Nairobi, such as; Marimbeti, Athi- River, Dandora and Embakasi.

The second phase (Nairobi – Kisumu) of the project took place in March 2016. We were able to visit most stations in Rift valley and Western Kenya, although we were not successful in visiting Nakuru railway station, one of the biggest stations along this line, due to time constraints.

Visit the scenes page to see more photos of the trip ,or the memory wall to read individual stories about the railway. Stay tuned for updates on the blog.


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