A mission to document Kenya's antique railway stations.



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  • Parcel Office Molo Railway Station scene
    Parcel Office sign at Molo Railway Station which is lies in the Rift Valley between Turi and Mau Summit station.
  • Konza Railway Station - Station Layout
    Station layout for Konza Railway Station . Each signalling cabin at each station had its own station layout, which was used by the station master when changing tracks or redirecting trains.
  • Voi War Cemetery scene
    Mr Wachira, Voi cemetery care taker for 55 years. He passed away in 2015 at the age of 94.
  • Mombasa Station - Photographs
    These 5 stunning, photographs of Mt. Kilimajaro, Nairobi Dam, Mt.Kenya, the Rift Valley and Old Mombasa Harbor were retrieved from Mombasa Railway Station. They are currently on display at the Nairobi Railways Museum.
  • Kisian Station Scene
    Of shadows and shy smiles, a young boy walks past Kisian railway station while an intricate lamp outside the station entrance adorns the photo's foreground.
  • Bachuma Station - Awards
    Bachuma station, struck me with its timeless beauty. It was one of the few fenced and well maintained stations that I came across. Between 1982 and 1995 it received several awards for Best Kept Station . These awards are proudly displayed on plaques lined around the station door.
  • Mtito Andei Station - Padlock
    A 1958 , East African Railway padlock at the Mtito Andei Railway Station
  • Parcel office Njoro railway station
    A donkey stands outside what was formerly the parcel office Njoro railway station. Njoro station was one of the key stations along the Nairobi - Kisumu line as much of the agricultural and livestock produce from the region was primarily transported by rail. Njoro itself was one of earliest town centres to be established by British settlers.
  • Guard - Mwatate Railway Station
    Mr. Patrick Mwaluda , security guard at Mwatate Railway Station . Mwatate station is a small station located inside one of Taita Taveta's largest Sisal plantations. Mwatate town is the current headquarters for Taita Taveta county.
    A Rift valley railways train passes outside the Tsavo railway station. An area famous for the man -eating lions which caused havoc and temporarily stopped railway construction in 1898
  • Then and Now - Nairobi platform
    The Uganda Railway platform and the SGR platform, side by side at the Nairobi Railway Station.
  • Mazeras Station Scene
    This photo was taken at the Mazeras Railway Station . Mazeras station is situated at Mile 15 of the railway line and was opened on Dec 15th 1897 .
  • End of the Railway Line
    This is where the Kenyan section of the Voi - Taveta railway line ends. At a place called Kitobo. Notice , Mt.Kilimanjaro in the background
  • Molo Railway Station
    An old lady walks past Molo railway station, carrying firewood on her back, March 2016. This is one of my personal favorites. I remember this exact moment being one of extreme clarity and a calming realization that in every moment there's a story to be told and each one is different from the next..
  • Children at The Taveta Station
    Children at the Taveta Railway Station . They had just come from school and were playing along the railway line as they went home. The Voi-Taveta line is no longer in use.
  • Voi - Requistion Form
    A 1960, railway's requisition form. Recovered from Voi railway station.
  • Changing Times - Railway Bridge
    The Nairobi station railway bridge with the City's rapidly changing skyline in the background. The bridge is still used by many and is one of the oldest railway bridges around the country.
  • Mau Summit Railway Station - Scene
    A young boy sits on the tracks overlooking the Mau Summit Railway station. Mau Summit station was the highest station along the Mombasa - Kisumu line. Standing at 2537m.
  • Sultan Hamud Station - Demolition Site
    This is the site where the former Sultan Hamud Station stood. By the time we got there it had already been demolished to pave way for the SGR . Only the signalling cabin remained.
  • Mombasa Railway Station Scene
    This photo was taken at the Mombasa Railway Station. The old man was sitted there waiting for someone and I asked him If I could take a photo of him. He agreed 🙂
  • Kisian Station
    Resident caretaker at Kisian Railway Station explains to us a thing or to about the station's history and current state.
  • Kima Railway Station
    An intricate sitting bench, one of the many that could be found in Station waiting areas all around the country. Sadly very few remain at the railway stations . Most were either vandalized or taken into private collections
  • Crossing The Tracks - Chemelil
    3 children cross the tracks at Chemelil railway station
  • Konza Railway Station - Scene
    A signalling lamp from Konza Railway Station. Station masters would use this lamp to communicate with train drivers. Color red meant stop, while blue meant proceed.
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